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Beth Turner is a dynamic singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist from Virginia Beach. Ranging from indie-pop and rock to Americana, folk and soul, she combines her world travels and life experiences to create music that resonates with a wide variety of listeners. Her resonant vocals are met with percussive instrumentation to create her signature soulful indie-pop sound.

About Me

About Beth Turner

A self-taught pianist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter, Beth Turner's diverse musical styles suit a wide range of venues and events. Dive into her Americana era with her debut EP, "Grow," available everywhere you listen to music Friday, July 21st, 2023!

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Beth Turner got her start performing solo in 2018, but her story begins with Virginia Children's Chorus in 2001. After two international tours with the choir, she went on to teach herself piano and guitar. She began songwriting at the young age of 10, and hasn't stopped perfecting her craft since. In 2019, she was named the winner of the Chongdition IV, a Virginia Beach-based songwriting competition.

Since then, Beth Turner has been performing full time across the southeast, midwest, and southwest US. In March 2023, Beth began her debut tour: the Grow Tour, where she is currently touring from the east coast to Texas for 6 months. Visit the GROW TOUR page to find a show near you!

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